Business Intelligence data sets

You either have Big Data problems or you don’t have Big Data.

Planning a strategy for your Business Intelligence (BI) initiative is hard enough when all of your data is clean, consistent and current, but it never starts out that way. You also need to make sure it contains the information your business needs today and isn’t out of date tomorrow.

Centerex gives you access to extensive international data sets and the flexible technologies needed to feed your business applications and processes - whether it’s for marketing CRM, enterprise ERP systems, e-commerce sites, the development of real-time apps, or true Big Data analytic systems.

Talk to us about your business goals and we’ll work with you to bring in the right data sources, including:

  • Transaction data from more than 10 billion transactions
  • Consumer data from more than 60 million surveys
  • Demographic, financial, lifestyle and market indicators
  • Social media affinity, behavior and interest data
  • Geographic coordination data

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