CRM Analytics

Build on your data successes

You built the largest marketing and sales database in your company’s history. But, all those data entry points are not equal and there is still missing information. Now, partner with the largest information sources in the world for better data and bigger results.

Centerex cleans and updates your data to give you a clear picture of your best customer. Missing emails added, old phone numbers updated, and profiles are completed. In many cases, simple national change of address (NCOA) and email change of address will breathe new life into an aging database.

Updating, appending and enriching your existing data gives you the confidence to run a world-class marketing organization.

  • For BtoC marketers we deliver – Demographic, lifestyle, and media response history along with consumer email appending and phone updating
  • For BtoB marketers we offer – Professional titles, business insights, corporate email appending and phone updating

To speak to us about email, phone and demographic data enrichment, please call 1-844-567-8901

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