Data services

Looking for complex Big Data integration or «simple» data hygiene, enrichment and preparation? We’ve seen it, we’ve done it, and we’ve improved it.

Integrate data

Effortlessly standardize all your systems

Improve knowledge

Visibility to the true meaning in your data

Optimize business

Efficiently improve processes and decisions

Centerex is not just a data services shop, we are a proven, full-spectrum data science team with many years’ experience engineering projects. We have integrated data from sources including everything from obscure, recently-digitized repositories to traditional data brokers.

We can apply artificial intelligence to improve the results, but our goal is to use the most cost-effective and fastest solution that fits your needs.

Our data services include:

  • Data integration and migration
  • Data preparation (extraction, normalization, conversion, transformation)
  • Data hygiene (validation, dedupe, merging, relevance)
  • Dataset location, identification and creation
  • Data enrichment

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