Product Owner

Centerex is an enterprise-scale data integration, analytics and infrastructure management company. Our artificial intelligence technologies have delivered Big Data management and analysis on the petabyte scale for more than 10 years.
Our mission is to create business and technology potential by revealing new opportunities every day.

Our projects

We specialize in data-driven analytical solutions and deliver a full spectrum of services to growing companies that need business and technology process imp1e, perennial projects.
These services include advanced solutions: decision-support, predictive modeling, cognitive analytics, risk assessments among others as well as big data management and infrastructure support.
We work according to Kanban methodology.
We use Jira (task tracker) and Confluence (project documentation).
We are currently looking for a Product Owner/Manager


Manage requirement gathering and analysis activities during full lifecycle from Discovery to Production
Refinement and documentation of business requirements, user stories, acceptance criteria and user flows/journey definition;
Delivery ownership — strive towards delivery on time and quality with his team, together with the Development team
Communicate with stakeholders (development team, management, and customers)
Project Timelines — monitor the development team’s progress and adjust as necessary to ensure that the product is delivered on time.
Represent the Customer — should act as the voice of the player and advocate for their needs within the development team
Analyze data and feedback — should continuously analyze data and feedback from players and stakeholders to improve the product
Cross Functional experience — work with multiple departments and units.


3+ years of Product Owner experience
Ability to Create quality user stories based on Business requirements, Technical requirements, backend requirements;
Define scope of work for the team & give priority to JIRA backlog
Clarify business requirements & remove any misunderstanding about final result to the team
Jira responsibility (Task — user stories creation, Pending bugs, Product-incidents, Priority, Content change requests, Adding review comments, Project Planning)
Accepts & Review user stories are done (making sure the demo covers all scenarios and looks 100% according to requirement)
Decision on feature bugs & bugs priority


full-time employment (remote)
flexible work schedule (Mon.-Fri. from 9.00 / 10.00 to 18.00 / 19.00)
social guarantees provided for by law (vacation of 21 calendar days)
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